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  • CNC sawing

    Our CNC sawing offers precise and efficient cutting for various materials. We use modern equipment from Bomar and Kasto, which enables fast and high-quality processing, ensuring a consistent result with every cut. Suitable for both small and large batches, providing flexibility and reliability.

    Batch sizes: 1 pc … 50,000 pcs
    Dimensions of the parts to be processed:
    Ø6 mm … Ø370 mm.
    L= 5 mm … 2000 mm.

    We process: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, copper, brass, bronze, titanium, various industrial plastics.


    Hissmekano Estonia OÜ
    Paneeli 2B, Tallinn 11415 Estonia
    Reg.nr. 11396053
    VAT nr. EE101155715