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  • CNC turning

    Our CNC turning capabilities provide precise and reliable solutions for machining various metals and other materials. We use CNC lathes with up to 8 axes. All CNC lathes are equipped with feeders, and we also use a loading robot. This combination allows for the creation of complex and precise parts according to your needs.

    Our services are ideal for producing both small and large batches, ensuring high quality and consistency at every stage. Our experienced team is dedicated to successfully executing your projects and aims to offer the best possible service to meet your expectations.

    Batch sizes: 10 pcs … 50,000 pcs
    Dimensions of machined parts:
    Ø2 mm … Ø400 mm.
    L= 2 mm … 700 mm.

    We process: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, copper, brass, bronze, titanium, various industrial plastics.


    Hissmekano Estonia OÜ
    Paneeli 2B, Tallinn 11415 Estonia
    Reg.nr. 11396053
    VAT nr. EE101155715